Central New York Sailing Association (CNYSA) founded in 1931

    US Sailing Area E



Welcome to the Central New York Sailing Association website. Formerly the CNNYRA this organization is an association of clubs with common interests in sailing competition and Jr. Sailing support. Each year the "Centrals Regatta" is a fixture on the racing calendar for both Jr. and Senior competitors.

CNYSA is recognized by US Sailing as a RSA (Regional Sailing Association) for Area E. This means that sailors both Jr. and Sr. are encouraged to use the RSA as a means to qualify for US Sailing National Championships.


Welcome to CNYSA

The Centrals Annual Regatta will be hosted by the Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association and the Sodus Bay Yacht Club on July 12 -13 , 2014.

We will as always welcome all junior and adult competitors to the annual regatta. Please register in advance.

Central NY Sailing Association membership is open to all clubs in the Finger Lakes Region including those that border lake Ontario.

What does CNYSA Membership offer?

  1. CNYSA Member clubs can host and participate in the Junior Inter-club regattas.

  2.   Member clubs or organizations may use the Annual Regatta as a venue for their regional qualifiers or championships.

  3. Member clubs may bid to host the Annual Regatta at their home club.

  4.   Participants from CNYSA members clubs are welcome at the Annual Regatta with no additional fees.

  5. CNYSA represents member clubs and area sailors in matters of appeals and hearings before US Sailing.

  6. Member clubs are encouraged to place their events on the CYNSA website calendar.


All CNYSA Member clubs are invoiced in January for the annual association dues. Membership dues are $100 annually.

The Central New York Sailing Association has been reorganized and reinvigorated through the efforts of several clubs with a new mission.  Please take some time and review the following plan for the future of CNYSA.

The Mission:

  1. 1.    Continue the tradition which began in 1936 to organize and offer a 2 day Open Annual Regatta the second weekend in July for small boat one design classes.

  2. 2.    Continue the tradition for Junior Programs and Inter-Club weekday regattas. (CNYSA Junior Programs compete on each Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer.)

  3. 3.    Promote the Annual Regatta as an opportunity for both Seniors and Juniors to compete in CNY in a venue conducive for regional championships.

  4. 4.    Provide an opportunity for our regional juniors to have a large event format that offers and opportunity to test skills and form sailing relationships with peers.

  5. 5.   Serve as the US Sailing Regional Sailing Association and represent CNY sailors.

US Sailing Regional Sailing Association Map.

CNYSA Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held just prior to the US Sailing Regional Sailing Symposium on Saturday February 28th at 9:15 a.m. at the Rochester Yacht Club.

The CNYSA meeting will be from 9:15 -10:00a.m.. Members will then be welcome and encouraged to attend the symposium. (Symposium Details, Agenda and Registration below)

Agenda: 9:15

    1. Minutes of November 2013 Meeting

    2. CYNSA Budget Operational Budget

    3. CYNSA Future

    4. Inter-Club Regatta Scheduling

    5. Adjourn to Symposium 10:00am

  1. Coaches, Program Directors, Participating Yacht Club Directors should attend.